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Over the past 16 years I've helped raise over $100m in funding, started and sold some startups, as well as written a couple of books. In 2017 I got listed in Forbes 30 Under 30. I'm currently helping build advanced machine learning models within asset management.

On here I write about smart thinking, complex problem solving, startups, and trends. My aim is to help you think better, perform better and live a better life. All proceeds are donated to the British Skin Foundation —I had skin cancer aged 20.


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When I relaunched my blog and newsletter, I wanted the core focus to be on the community. And wow, I'm blown away by how the community here not only help each other, but hold each other accountable.

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"Scott, keep it up! I love this content -- it's helped me start my next side hustle!"

- Thomas D. C.E.O

"Few places bring together so many engaged hustlers around new ideas, changes in the markets and recommendations"

- John M. Product Manager

"Great community, helping each other out and making introductions for each other."

- Eva O. Founder

"One of the few emails I look forward to receiving each week. Great signalling on the emerging trends."

- Christa S. Manager

"I've found some great angel investors through this network. I just recently launched a DTC brand, and Scott's community has been invaluable. Thank you!"

- Dean T. Founder