Life and death

It’s easy to forget our own mortality.

But it seems that we do actually have more than enough time, no matter how long or short our lives turn out to be; the problem is we waste most of it.

Seneca put forward that, for many of us, by the time we are really ready to start living, our lives are almost over. It’s not that our lives are too short; the problem is that we waste so much time.

We procrastinate, pursue things of little or no value, or wander aimlessly through life with no clear focus.

Stop worrying about what others think. Don’t try to impress others, don’t purse their favour in order to secure some advantage. Too many people care about what others think of them, but pay little attention to their own thoughts.

It’s crazy that someone might be so protective of their money and possessions and yet so freely give away their far more valuable time.

A good part of whatever time we shall have is gone already.

Our time is not unlimited.