My perpetual search

For best part of decade I’ve tried to create a home for my writing. Stuff that’s incredibly personal and meaningful to me. The content that shows what’s on my mind, where my head is at, and how I’m attempting to make sense of the world.

But, upon reflection, I think I’ve been overthinking it.

I’ve been in a constant state of flux, tinkering, fiddling, changing this and that and never really giving it a permanent state. I think that’s because I’m a kid in a candy store when I see someone else’s ‘web home’ and see a feature or a design that I like — ‘oh, they have such a great subscribe flow’, ‘I should be building a mailing list’, ‘what service are they using to host their site’ — and ergo the great migration begins. I rip up the foundations of the website and blog that once stood, in a search to try and improve and make it better.

So I’m going to take a stand, once and for all. And just have this basic website — running Hugo on Github Pages, and set myself the challenge of focusing on the writing. Attempting 500 words per day. And attempting to show you my true voice. I’ve been distracted by the context, and the visuals, rather than the content. Let’s see if I can keep my streak.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read!