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Although the content varies greatly each week, below is a sample of what to expect in my newsletter! Keep in mind that the newsletter is only one element, there's also quite a few 'members only' posts written each week, alongside Zoom hangouts, AMAs and podcasts!

Newsletter #002

Hello, and thanks for subscribing to my newsletter! My aim is to help you think better, perform better, and live a better life. I mostly write about smart thinking, trends, startups, investing and artificial intelligence.

A friend told me "Newsletter 101" is writing a captivating subject line, so you've all been warned —from here out they will most likely be clickbait. But I do promise, once opened, you won't be disappointed.

I'm going to try and largely stick to a certain structure, so that you can jump to the part that you enjoy most each week.

I also have a section at the end where I talk about "what you're up to", so if you have something you'd like shared with the rest of the community, do send me an email.

Finally, if you do know anyone who you think would enjoy this weekly dose of thoughts, please do forward the link and ask them to join in the community. It would mean a lot as I start out!

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