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My reading list for May

Last week I had to go into the centre of town, and on my way I spotted  a Waterstones (book store). By this time you'll probably know that I can't walk by a book store without calling in and grabbing a book. Embracing this addition, before I knew it I

My reading list for May
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Hello, 2021!

Wow, it's been a while since I drafted a post. Sorry about that! My radio silence in December was intentional. My girlfriend (now fiancée 🙌) and I spent most of it travelling. We headed to the Maldives to get some rest and relaxation after an unprecedented year. But as for January,

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Welcome to my new blog

I've changed the platform that powers this blog, updated the design; and, established a renewed focus. In this post I outline what you can expect from me, as well as talk about the community I hope to build. I'm starting afresh — not importing any of the content I've written over the past decade.