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Trends hidden in plain sight

Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
- 2 min read
Trends hidden in plain sight

It's been a while since I got behind the keyboard and did some writing here, apologies for that! For the next couple of months I've set myself the challenge of writing a post each week. Let's see how long I can hold myself to it.

So what have I been up to? Over the past month I decided to take a bit of time to myself. To decompress, disconnect and spend some time thinking.

Thinking about things such as: where I am in the context of my goals, analysing what I'm dedicating time to, what good (and bad) habits I've picked up, etc.

Sort of a spring clean, or a quarterly introspection!

The good news is, I'm largely making strides to improve in the areas that I set out to at the beginning of the year: career & income, health and fitness, mental clarity, etc.

There are some areas that I do need to spend a little more time on; for example, networking. I used to thrive by simply chatting and hanging out with smart thinkers, listening to what's exciting them –learning by osmosis. COVID has pretty much obliterated this.

Throughout this process of introspection, two concepts kept jumping out at me. Two things that have been incredibly important throughout my life, concepts I haven't really spent a lot of time writing about.

And the thing is, because they sound so simple, I think many readers will just dismiss them. But if you've made it this far, I hope you don't.

So what are they? Trends, and momentum.

Trends for the 'big picture' stuff, and momentum for the introspective minutiae.

From a young age for whatever reason I naturally dedicated time to identifying trends or 'waves to surf'. I quickly learned that when you made the right call and spotted something worthwhile, you could gain a whole lot of leverage and progress faster (career, income, health, etc.) by jumping on the wave, and moving fast.

Whether it was seeing the power of the internet (and how someone in their bedroom could put something online and instantly have a global audience) that inspired me to launch my first online business. Or learning about a protocol that facilitated a transaction in which two parties unknown to each other, that pushed me to buy my first bitcoin.

On the more micro-level: momentum (which in itself is core to trend) I typically use to build streaks for personal goals – e.g. journalling, running, eating well, writing, etc. A reinforcement mechanism for habit.

They are both incredibly powerful concepts. That's why I believe that every once and a while you should dedicate time to them.

When thinking about trends, you have a lot of freedom. They're applicable at all levels: daily, weekly, monthly... right up to thinking in decades. And each of these time segments can help structure your thoughts and give you context about what 'waves you want to surf'.

Until next time!


Scott Taylor

Started and sold a few companies. My aim is to make sense of the world, constantly improve and become increasingly empathetic. Sharing what I learn along the way.