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Welcome to my new blog

I've changed the platform that powers this blog, updated the design; and, established a renewed focus. In this post I outline what you can expect from me, as well as talk about the community I hope to build. I'm starting afresh — not importing any of the content I've written over the past decade.

Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
- 3 min read

Before we start, I just wanted to say hi 👋 and thanks for checking out my corner of the Internet. There are a lot of things competing for your attention, so I appreciate that you're here. If you've never been here before or don't know me, then I'd recommend you check out this page.

Now, as you can probably imagine, I'm typically not satisfied with the status quo. And my website, here, is no different. So, ignoring the age old advice of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", and egged on by the fact that every time I visited my homepage —I knew it could be better. I made it a goal to completely revamp it in 2020.

I was also dissatisfied with the quality of my writing —which I'd been drafting on-and-off for the best part of a decade. I didn't like the clunky Wordpress content management system that was powering it. And as for the look and feel of it —it was okay, but growing a little outdated. I wanted some custom elements, something to really make it mine. And above all, I'd failed to build a community around my writing. Something I actively want to change.

I believe a personal site should be the personification of the author. Visitors do judge you based on what they see. They draw parallels to your character. Busy, scattered, all over the place? Your visitors will think that's what you're like in real life. My site, as it was, wasn't terrible — but I wanted to offer a better view into how my mind works. As well as the problems that interest me. And all packaged up in a minimalist, fast-loading website.

So, over the past couple of months I've played with pretty much all the content management systems out there. And in the end, I whittled it down to two: Jekyll and Ghost. I'd actually progressed quite far in developing a custom theme for Jekyll —and liked the 'coder feel' of having to generate the static code and upload each time I wanted to post a new article or edit something.

But, as you can see, in the end I've opted for Ghost. I like the people behind it. I like the direction the platform is heading —sort of like a white-labelled Substack. And as mentioned, I'm focused on building out a community around my writing —Ghost has some features built in that help with this mission.

I've elected not to port over my old posts. Starting afresh. I feel my writing stagnated a little over the past few years —with me not really giving it 110%. Just writing for the sake of writing. Trying to tick the box of "Weekly blog post". As a result, I noticed readers not able to connect nor consistently understand my 'voice'. I want to change that.

It now feels like I've done a bit of a spring clean. Some weight off my shoulders. In the writing to come, I hope you get to know me.

So what can you expect on here?

I don't want to overpromise and underdeliver.

It would be super easy to start making false promises, saying that I'm going to post weekly about x, y and z. But truth be told, I don't know what cadence works best for me. I want to take the time to write good content that I'm proud of. On any topic. If that means one post a month, then so be it. As soon as I discover this, I can update you.

Also, I want to expand the topics that I write about. For some reason I've pigeonholed myself into writing about self-development, AI, and startups. I want to break that mould, and jump into anything that interests me. For example, travel!

What's this subscription & membership malarky all about?

It's primarily about the community. I want the dialogue to be three-way rather than one-way. I want members to be able to talk to me, as well as each other.

But it's also about how you consume this content. I want new posts to be emailed to you, rather than make it that you have to remember to come back and check for new stuff.

It's worth stating, my goal isn't to make any money from this blog. In fact if I do make any money, I'll donate it to charity. I want to use the subscription aspect to structure and plan the content I produce. It also acts as a bit of a filter in terms of how much I open up. With those on the paid tier obviously more keen to build and maintain a relationship.

The majority of my writing will be available on the free tier. On the paid tier, I want it to be a bit more personal. For example livestream Q&As, more in-depth insights into my thinking, templates that I use in my daily routines, and so on.

That's it for now

Thanks again for visiting, and please do message me with any thoughts on the website, or any topics you'd like to see me cover!


Scott Taylor

Started and sold a few companies. My aim is to make sense of the world, constantly improve and become increasingly empathetic. Sharing what I learn along the way.