Builder & writer Stop overthinking things

Builder & writer Stop overthinking things

Builder & writer Stop overthinking things

May 9, 2024


For the past few years I've been trying my best to integrate Stoic principles into my everyday life. I've got them saved so that I'm reminded of a different one each day in my daily journal. I wanted to share some of them here:

  1. Use setbacks as signposts - view challenges and setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth, not as obstacles.

  2. Focus only on what you can control - concentrate your efforts on your actions and attitudes, the aspects of your life you can influence, rather than external events beyond your control.

  3. Practice mindfulness of the present moment - engage fully with the present, minimising distractions from past regrets and future anxieties to enhance clarity and focus.

  4. Develop an attitude of gratitude - cultivate a habit of appreciating what you have, rather than fixating on what you lack or desire, to foster contentment and resilience.

  5. Accept the inevitability of change - understand and accept that change is a constant aspect of life, which helps in adapting flexibly and calmly to new circumstances.

  6. Reflect on your mortality regularly - contemplate the transient nature of life to appreciate the present and prioritise meaningful actions and relationships.